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Date added 13/02/2017

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Dear visitors of! If you are in doubts about whether to use our service, we will help you dispel all doubts!...Details

Date added 13/02/2017

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Date added 24/08/2016

Added summary stats data of tournaments

Dear users, we added new functional on the page of tournaments. From now you have the opportunity to look and analyze statistical data of tournaments in general. Pay attention on the bottom line after all teams named “All”. The line represents summed or average data of all tournament matches. Thus, for example, you can see that average total corners was 10.81 in Premier League of England in the season 2015/16. As usual, you can use filter to select necessary matches for you and our service will recount statistical data....Details

Date added 01/06/2016

Additional stats data (shots, fouls, offsides...) updated for national teams

We have checked and corrected stats data of additional indicators (shots, fouls, offsides, possession, saves, substitutions) for national teams. Many bookmakers have lines on these indicators and you can find valuable odds here....Details

Date added 21/03/2016

Navigation buttons “Previous” and “Next” added over matches blocks

Dear users of our site! Our website is becoming more and more functional and from now you have an opportunity to view last matches of a team more comfortably. Buttons “Previous” and “Next” have been placed over blocks with previous matches of a team. It will help you analyze upcoming games. Using these buttons, you can switch between games of different periods according to your needs. The buttons allow you to find necessary match more effectively and analysis of upcoming games will be more quickly and easier. We work on development of our site and if you have some ideas – please share with us sending an e-mail to ...Details

Date added 07/03/2016

Filter on specific matches added

Dear users of our site! We are trying to make our site more comfortable and one of innovations is new function of matches selection. From now you have an opportunity to exclude particular game (or games) from team stats which shouldn’t be taken to your attention. For this option there are checkboxes near every of last matches. All checkboxes are automatically switched on by default and all games are counted. To remove the game from the statistics calculation you should click on the left button of mouse to remove a tick. The system automatically recalculates the line with average data. You can exclude one match or more according to your aims and wishes. New instrument allows you to analyze upcoming games more qualitatively....Details

Date added 20/02/2016

Selection of tournaments groups in personal account

Dear users of our site! From now you can set a display of tournaments which you need. For instance, if you don’t want to consider results of friendly matches, you should go to personal account and remove a tick opposite to “Other”. Or if you are interested only in league matches, you can select only this group (“League”) and remove other ticks. So you can set tournaments groups filter in advance for comfortable and quick analysis....Details

Date added 02/02/2016

Filter on date on team and tournament pages

Dear users of our website! For better usability we added new filter on date. From now you have an opportunity to analyze team games or a whole tournament on a specific time period. For example, if to set up filter on date on team page, you can see how a team played during a specific time period. It means how many games were supervised, what were results, what was stats of corners, cards and another statistic indicators. Apart from analysis of a specific team, you can find out which teams successfully played in a tournament and which teams failed. For this option you should set up filter on date on tournament page. New filters can determine team form in a wide variety of statistic indicators....Details

Date added 02/11/2015

Quick registration added

Dear users of our website! We are constantly developing our site and now we added quick registration for your convenience. New users can be registered faster, filling up only 5 necessary fields. There is no need to confirm registration with e-mail. Thereafter you can change the settings of your account (e-mail, phone number, time zone etc). For this you should login on the site and click on "Edit account data" in the upper right corner of the website....Details

Date added 04/10/2015

Added unique stats of handicap covering + summary table

Dear users of our site! We are hurrying to inform you that you can watch how a team covered base handicap in previous matches. These unique stats are useful for persons who like to place bet on handicaps and also for those who are going to try this type of bet. You should select match in which you are interested in, then on the heading of “Goals” tab select “Handicap” to make use of new functionality. You can explore previous team results and base handicaps on these games....Details

Date added 10/08/2015

Development of parser of odds on goals, corners and cards

Dear users of our site! We are glad to inform you that now you can observe odds on goals, corners and cards markets of bookmaker right on our site. became one of the leaders among bookmaker companies on post-soviet space in last years. This bookie offers odds line on football matches: from top-leagues to regional. To acquaint with variety of bets which offer you should click on page of match in which you are interested in (navigate through tabs "Goals", "Corners" or "Cards") and look for the chapter “Odds”. As offers extensive line you can click on sign “+” and see odds on extra bets. We believe that you will like the innovation and this will help you to analyze football matches better....Details

Date added 20/07/2015

Goals and cards stats by halves added

Dear users of our site! Our website is becoming more and more functional and from now you can analyze stats of goals and cards by halves. By default stats are shown of whole match. Although if you want to see stats of goals, corners or cards separately of first or second half, you should select «1 half» or «2 half» on appropriate tab heading. This information allows you preview match in details and analyze it. If you want to place bet in half time brake you can get use of stats data of second half. We believe that you will like the innovation and this will help you to analyze matches better....Details