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How to make bet on Total

26/09/2016 3901

Very often you can find such a concept in the stakes as a total. Let's consider what is the total in bets, how to use it and how to choose the right bet for total. First of all, we note that there are varieties of total.

Bet on the common total

Let's say you decided to bet on the match Bayern - Barcelona - Total 2.5 B (over). To bet on the total in this match was winning, you need at least 3 goals (2: 1, 2: 3, etc.) based on the results of the match. If the result of the match is less than 3 goals, then the bet on the total will lose. And if you, for example, decided to bet on the match Juventus - Fiorentina bet on Total 1.5 M (under), and as a result of the match the team will score at least 2 goals, then the bet will lose. For win, you need the result of the match to be less than 2 goals.

If you use an integer for the football bet, for example the bet on Total 2/3/4 O/U, it means that the bet is with a refund. In this case, the bet on Total 2 over means that if you scored exactly 2 goals in the match, then your bet is on a return, and your money is returned. If the teams scored a total of 3 or more goals, the bet won. If the result of a match is less than 2 goals - lost.

Also you can bet on Total not only on the goals, but also bet on the total on the yellow cards, or the total bet on the corner cards.

Bet on Individual Total

The difference between the individual total and the usual is that the bet on the common total takes into account the result of two teams per match, and the individual per one.

For example, if you decide to bet on Individual Total under 1.5 for Team No. 2, it means that 2nd team must score less than 2 goals. If, as a result of the match, the 2nd team does not score at all, or if only one goal is scored, then the bet will be winning and it will bring you a profit.

For example, Chelsea plays against Burnley. You decided to bet on the Individual Total 5 Over for Chelsea. To win the bet, Chelsea need to score at least 6 goals. If Chelsea players score 5, then you get a refund, and if 4 goals or less, your bet will lose.

Bet on Total goals by time

Here everything is simple. A positive Bet on the total for both halves over (1.5) goals means that there must be at least 2 goals in each half of the match, otherwise the bet will lose.
Negative bet for both halves on total over (1.5) goals means that in each half of the match there should be more than 2 goals, otherwise the bet will lose.

Bet on Total gap

Here, too, everything is simple. If you decide to bet on Total (4) and the result of the match will be exactly 4 goals scored, then your bet will win. But if there is any other number of goals, your bet will lose.

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