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How to make high-quality football prediction?

26/09/2016 2842

Analysis – Foundation

1.     Statistic.  It’s not surprising, but the base of all football predictions is statistic, even with formation starting odds. Stats are important, in spite of position of disgruntled opponents. But lots of bettors overuse it when they are preparing their football tips. Remember the most important thing – statistic is the base of analysis, but not the full analysis. There is no need to analyze the whole statistic, for example, of some team. When you prepare your own football prediction, it’s important how the team played last 4-6 matches, and not counting to attention many other factors in which you should also savvy.

2. Factors which influence on balance of power. There are physiological and physical condition of players, injures, tournament prospects and ambitions, weather, referees, derby and principles of rivals – all of it plays an important role in making prognosis, especially in drawing up of football prediction. All principles and supporting services will be discussed later.

3. Feeling. You may ask what is it? Actually, you can’t succeed without intuition in our occupation. But intuition is not just guessing, it is experience. The more you are experienced, the more accurate you can make football predictions – you can change your decision even if all factors indicate the opposite. Watching match by match, you will notice such things as stability of the team line or individual players, the ability to turn the game around, and so on. If you are confident – make a bet, it is the recipe of success.

Analysis – First steps and beginning of actions

Before you start explore in-depth analysis, let’s look at what is the order of making good football predictions. Obviously that it’s not necessary to remind that you should be in good health and good mood not to allow the mope and depression to ruin you. By the way, sport and physical exercises the best cure for these.

In our opinion, you should push out of statistic. It means to define current form of teams and then count to attention everything rest. But as you already have understood, stats shouldn’t give rise to finish your football tips and make a bet, statistic is only first step. You must understand that everything that you can get from statistic for football predictions is quantity of goals for some period and form of the team. All these are subjective factors, to rely only on them it’s not good idea.

Not always the team what is the tenth in tournament table will be defeated by the second one. And here come as important factors as:

1.     Motivation. It is basic factor to adjust the team to play. The best football tips are on “motivating situations”. It’s “both teams will score” or totals (especially individual).

  • tournament tasks. It’s not hard to understand that the team who is fighting for championship and cups is much more motivated than the team who is in the middle of tournament table and, actually, it’s not important to be the twelfth or thirteenth. The same I can say about outsiders, who are fighting to “survive” – especially if it last chance, the team can fight on its last legs and even outplay a leader, especially when the last is unmotivated (the team has already secured the championship). More important is the match in which teams are fighting for the place under the sun. It’s is very important to consider when make football prediction. So don’t forget that the bet on the leader who is already decided to win, especially in the end of the championship can be dangerous.
  • Squad. The previous paragraph smoothly turns to it – rotation of squads. If don’t count injured or disqualificated players, coaches often change squad, based on the current tasks, for example, soon will be important match in Champion’s League and the couch probably will give a rest to main players and let out to play doublers in home League. You can use it when make your football tips.
  • Bonuses and prize money. Sometimes you can hear that the direction of the club has promised to reward players for winning in some match. This fact could likely be good motivator to active actions.
  • Derby and rehabilitation to fans. Derby is special topic which can turn everything upside down. Many teams have principal opponents and a win can be more important in physiological aspect than 2 wins in other matches. Derby is a battle for life and death (not all, but real football fan must know the hottest moments). Football tips on totals and football prediction on cards – these are bets which can be successful in such games.

2. Weather. It’s not such an important indicator as previous ones but you should remember about it. Suppose the team plays in unusual climate for itself – plays in snow and cold while at home is +20. This stressful situation can influence in bad way on players. Also bad lawn condition because bad weather conditions can hinder  players to show everything what they are capable of. We recommend to consider weather’s factor when you make football prediction.

3. Tournament schedule and calendar. The team, playing some complicated and intensive games in a row or just lots of matches in short time period, of course, can be tired. Fatigue of players, especially if they have no equivalent substitution on the bench, may affect the team's play in the next matches. In these cases you should make some corrections in your football prediction.

4.  Mood inside of the team. Psychological conditions of players is important on equal terms with psychological state, sometimes is even more important. Quarrels between players, changes in direction or chief couch, salary debts – you should pay attention on all of it while making football predictions especially because of new football sites is huge quality.

5. Your variant! Do you remember what we said about experience? It’s very important! Nobody can overestimate importance of experience. You can succeed only in the kind of sport that you know from A to Z. You will see which factors are important while making analysis and preparing football prediction for some matches.


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