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How to make live bets

27/09/2016 3595

1. About live betting

Lately, bookies have started to offer lots of different extra bets on football matches because of intensive development industry of sports betting online. Current tendency also spreads on live betting. You can make live bet on really specific markets, e.g. how next goal will be scored and who will score or number of corners and cards. This article is about live bets on corners. It is perspective type of live betting because all of us can watch a game and understand who leads a game and plays really attacking football. Accordingly, we can suggest how it will reflect on quantity of corners. Should be admitted that corners quantity in 99,9% matches exceeds quantity of goals (of course, sometimes extra results happen like 30-0 on corners but it’s rarity). It means that to make live bet on corners is much more interesting if to find right manner of betting. As corners markets aren’t top-markets, bookmakers and bettors don’t explore them in details. Consequently, you probably can find overvalued odds in these markets.


2. Distinctive features of live bets on corners

An ideal scheme of live betting can’t exist because every match is unique and therefore your live bets can’t be winning all the time because. We try to make right live bets but things happen – outsider can beat obvious favorite, sometimes can be scored 3 goals in added time despite there were no goals in last 89 minutes of a match. But these are only exceptions and you should be ready that sometimes things happen. Although if you be patient, make a good analysis, understand a game, have right financial management, you can make money with live betting.

You should also prepare for a match even if you are going to make live bets: know team squads, stats and make a pre-match analysis. These things are incredibly necessary because you must know what you should expect during a match, why bookies offered current odds and what live bet let you win the most probably. If you didn’t have an opportunity to be well-prepared in time before a match, of course, you can make live bets just based on watching a game, but necessary stats help you to make a right live betting decision during a match.

We talk about live bets on corners and it’s very important to determine where you will make your live bets. You need to find out which bookmakers offer live bets on corners on your needed match. It’s desirable to find 2 or more bookies because one of bookmakers can suspend an appointment of live bets on your wanted indicator (a market can be frozen). In this case you must make a live bet in another bookmaker office not to miss live betting opportunity. Should think about reserved variant in advance in order to not be vexed about lost profits.

Apart from, if you are going to make live bets on corners during a game, livestream will help you very much. Lots of bookies organize free livestreams on their websites but if suddenly you don’t have the opportunity, try to find a picture on other sites. Watching a game has a significant influence on choosing live bets during a match and it helps to make a good decision, adding information which you managed to get from pre-match analysis.

3. Live betting in first half

As it is mentioned above, we learn stats before starting a match and during first minutes of a game and also analyze opponents: scheme they have chosen to play, how they will attack and etc. We don’t recommend to make live bet on the first 20-25 minutes because it’s time to warming-up and to analyze a game in general. And when a match turns to former routine, you see his tendencies and regularities (especially, if it is similar to stats, which you find before a game) it’s high time to think about live bet. It can be total corner in first half, if it’s intensive game with dangerous attacks or corner handicap on a team in first half, if you see a clear advantage one of the teams. It’s important to remember that live betting on the first half during watching first half it’s a good idea, instead of betting on a whole match because a game can change and we will talk about it later.


4. Live betting on corners in half-time break

During half-time you have an opportunity to estimate the results first half and to try to predict how the game will flow. Statistics will be very helpful. You should find some team matches with the same score in the middle of a game and look at results. Perhaps, a team badly spends the second halves and if the team haven’t succeeded in the first half the team can no longer impose their game on opponents. On the contrary, you can find out which teams spend better the second halves and achieve success. Accordingly, we will look at win on corners or even win with handicap the team, which plays better in the second half. Apart from, information about aggregate corners quantity in matches which ended with the same score to current will be very helpful. You can reveal some laws to base on them to predict flow of the second half. Sometimes you can catch quite high odds due to it. So, we know some information before second half, we looked at bookies’ offers and go on watching a match. But don’t forget about statistics for live betting – it is very helpful during second half.

5. Live betting in second half

When second half starts, you shouldn’t hurry up to make live bet on second half impressed with first half. It’s not a secret that some teams can supervise 2 different halves. It’s why you should look at a game for 10-15 minutes, then try to determine a live bet, which must bring you success. We remind you about stats not in vain: if score has changed in a match, then it’s obligatory to check the same match results to this time. Pay attention on quantity of taken corners and compare them with data in which you looked in half-time. Apart from, as a rule, coaches start to make substitutions which influence on course of the match and also on quantity of corners. It’s why we recommended you to follow the broadcasts to know whether a back substituted a forward, how team plans to play – retention score football or to play attacking football and to have new substitute. These factors will doubtless effect on course of the match and for the successful live bet, we need to take them into account. Don’t forget about “pressure”. Sometimes it happens when there is a minimum difference in the score and one of teams play attacking football and another team play defensively. Sets of corners can’t be excluded in such cases.

6. Conclusion

In this way, live bets on corners is very exciting thing which can bring you some money with proper skills and knowledge. Try, find your own methods and strategies and you certainly will succeed.


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